About Crossfire

Our Story

The company was formed in 2011 by Laurence Beath in response to a need for ‘mixed use’ developments in the greater Boland area including Somerset West, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. With the decay of the central business areas of Somerset West and Strand in particular, Laurence went on a quest to find land with mixed use zoning, tranquillity and surroundings that allowed for a healthy mix of business and residential occupants and which would co-exist and support one other. The creation of mixed use zoning spaces incorporating business and residential occupancy, is in Laurence’s opinion the only way forward given the high cost of travelling to work on the country’s congested and unsafe roads. The mix of business and residential occupancy also creates a safer environment whereby there are ‘live bodies’ in and around mixed use developments 24 hours/7 days a week/365 days a year. The mixed use occupancy also prevents overcrowding of communal and parking areas due to the different times of the day that the spaces are being utilised by the various occupancy types.

Laurence Beath

Laurence heads up the operations of Crossfire Properties as the ‘Commander in Chief’. He believes that a successful development is the combination of a good idea, a meticulous architect and engineer and a solid master builder. He has a BCompt Honours degree in Finance, and is registered with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. He’s quick to respond however that whilst his training is in finance, his passion is in the designing and developing of buildings, which he feels is a form of art. He has worked and consulted in the financial and property industry since 1988. Laurence ensures that all of his developments reach fruition by ensuring the correct mix of bank funding and private investment. His motto is simple. Don’t ever give up! If a financial institution or investor says ‘No’ today when approached for funding… then ask again tomorrow… or ask another bank or phone a friend… Just don’t EVER give up!

Anel Beath

Anel is our office and Crossfire@Home manager. She also handles all of our interior design and spatial planning.

Her duties include making sure the office operates like a well-oiled machine, that the building cleaning teams clean the buildings spotlessly, overall management and decorating of all of our Crossfire@Home apartments and selected office spaces and lastly ensuring that our coffee bar Lorenzo Marx always looks fresh and funky.

 Dynamite comes in small packages!

Ina Wort

Ina manages our payroll and makes all of our payments. She is very trustworthy and reliable and has been with us from the early days.

Carmen Rousseau

Carmen manages the monthly financial reporting. She will not stop until every cent is accounted for!

Amy Haynes

Amy is our remote property administrator and handles leases, administration and customer accounts. She enjoys the social aspect of liaising with prospective tenants and maintaining good relations with our tenants. She extends herself to ensure every tenant is a happy tenant.

Joylene Paulse

Joylene is our onsite property administrator and handles leases, administration and customer accounts. She is quietly confident, patient and always willing to help out.

Thonia Paulse

Thonia is our receptionist, Crossfire@Home apartment and ‘Crossfire Spaces’ agent. Her duties include manning our busy reception and handling all bookings and check ins for Crossfire@Home and Crossfire Spaces. She is positive, professional and friendly with an awesome sense of humour and always ready to help out.

Office Manager - Anel Beath

Property Administration - Amy Haynes

Accounts Assistant - Carmen Rousseau

Accounts Manager - Ina Wort

Property Administration - Joylene Paulse

Reception & Crossfire @ Home - Thonia Paulse

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Unit G01 to G03, House of Levi, 12a De Beers Ave,
Paardevlei, Cape Town, 7130